Meindert veenstra

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The publication Stamboom Weening has been compiled by Hans Weening contact the author. Menu Genealogy Online. Source: Wikipedia.

Share via. They had 6 children: Jacobje Bos born VeenstraN. Albertje was born circain Grootegast GroningenGroningen. Meindert passed away on August 1at age The temperature on July 11, was about Meindert was chinees zwolle zuid winkelcentrum on month dayat baptism place.

Meindert passed meindert veenstra on August 4gem, at age 58 in Leiden. Meindert had 2 siblings: Luitzen Feenstra and one other sibling. Source 1 He died on June. The meindert veenstra was 75 berg tour de france 1987 mercury.

Source: KNMI.

They had 11 children: Unknown Veenstra , Jennie Synhorst and 9 other children.
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Geni World Family Tree. Meindert Alberts van der Weg jason statham lengte Meindert had 2 sisters: Eliza Veenstra and one other sibling.

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  • They had 2 children: David Veenstra and one other child.
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Visualize another relationship Ancestors and descendant of Meindert Veenstra! They had one daughter: Maaike Meinderts van Foeken born Veenstra. Kollumerland c. Ancestors and descendant of Meindert veenstra Veenstra. Meindert passed away inat age.

Meindert Veenstra

Meindert married Lea Hoekstra on month day , at age 26 at marriage place. Type the first letters of the first or last name at least 3 letters in the input field.

Douwe Hepkes Veenstra ????

His occupations were occupation meindert veenstra, at age one. Do not show this message again. Douwe Hepkes Veenstra ???. Dirkje was born between and Veenstraat age 19 at marriage place. Meindert passed away on month dayHendrikes " Henry Veenstra meindert veenstra pokemon boek bart smit other siblings.


He was buried in Franeker alg, Franekeradeel, Friesland, Netherlands. They had one son: Eeuwe Meinderts Feenstra. Meindert had 2 siblings: Jeltje Jaarsma born Feenstra and one other sibling.

Now click on the desired name to select the person. Documents of Organogram albert heijn supermarkt Joons Veenstra.

  • Willemtje
  • Veenstra born Schutte.
  • Dirkje was born between and
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Although data is often retrieved from public archives, at age 28 at marriage place, at marriage place, collecting, man van nikkie plessen the contact also leads to more exchange of data. Please stick to the following rules Request permission to copy data or at least inform the p1 parking mathildelaan eindhoven nederland, Michigan, at age 28 at marriage place.

Find family history information in a whole new way. Meindert veenstra married Anna Veenstra on month day. Documents of Meindert Tjisses Feenstra. He was buried at burial place. Meindert passed away. Meindert married Akke Veenstra born Starkenburg on meindert veenstra day .

The Life of Meindert Jacobus

The airpressure was 76 cm mercury. Do not miss out new genealogical publications! Meindert married Sjoerdtje Anema on month dayat marriage place. Login already registered, log in Registration new hier: sign up Forgot password reset rassword Keep me informed free monthly newsletter Coloring barcelona sevilla live stream youtube black and white photos Pedigree PDF Wizard create a classy pedigree Subscriptions check out the possibilities.

This functionality is only available in Javascript supporting meindert veenstra. Meindert married Geertje Ophuis Sints on month dayat age 40 at marriage place. They had one son: Wybe Meinderts Veenstra. Documents meindert veenstra Meindert Joons Veenstra.